EIC Center at Jefferson Lab

The Electron-Ion Collider Center at Jefferson Lab (EIC2@JLab) is an organization to advance and promote the science program at a future electron-ion collider (EIC) facility. Particular emphasis is on the close connection of EIC science to the current Jefferson Lab 12 GeV CEBAF science program.   


EIC2@JLab consolidates and connects the EIC physics and detector development activities in and around Jefferson Lab. These activities include:

  • Activities of the Jefferson Lab EIC groups
  • JLab EIC weekly general meetings.
  • Organizing and hosting of EIC related ad-hoc workshops.
  • Documentation of EIC and JLEIC relevant topics.


Further, EIC2 coordinates with the following activities:

  • Relevant Jefferson Lab LDRD projects.
  • Relevant EIC Detector R&D funded activities.
  • HUGS Summer School.
  • Local hosting of relevant national and international conferences.
  • Planning of the EIC component in the annual JLab Users Group meeting.


In addition, EIC2 establishes the following new activities:

  • Graduate and post-doc Fellowship program.
  • Series of seminar talks related to EIC.



EIC2@JLab Management

EIC2@JLab Advisory Board


The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) is located at 12000 Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, Virginia.